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2057-037ee6-1$52,900Hamilton 28x48View Listing
2064-c0d255-1$73,900Spartan 28x80View Listing
1901-8493f0-1$88,900Charleston 32x56View Listing
2072-646cc1-1$49,900Fat Boy 16x60View Listing
1794-717bad-1$58,900Apache2 16x80View Listing
1843-27ccb0-1$68,900Mayberry 28x 56View Listing
1850-822b68-1$115,900Blakely 32x80View Listing
1859-f5fade-1$89,900Buckhead 32x62View Listing
1868-bb6c8f-1$59,900Sprinter 28x60View Listing
1876-af65e8-1$59,900Rocket 28x48View Listing
1884-55ca37-1$49,900Flash 28x40View Listing
1892-3d14d2-1$99,900Hilton 32x64View Listing
1788-c2ccff-4$55,900Cheyenne 16x80View Listing
1809-d9802c-1$43,900Dart 14x76View Listing
1815-ebd8fc-1$44,900Bolt 16x80View Listing
1821-73b1a3-5$38,900Lightning 14x60View Listing
1827-fddf56-1$95,900Monster Mansion 32x76View Listing
1836-c5dd2b-1$76,9005K 32x76View Listing

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2410 S Pine Ave, Ocala, FL 34471

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Included Home Preparation

  • We include an initial site inspection with drawn site plans, so there are no surprises on delivery.
  • Service and delivery to most of Florida, call us for details.
  • We provide custom engineering for your foundation, assuring that your home stays level.
  • We give you the benefit of our 60 years of experience!

Included Set Up

  • We construct a pad that will increase the life of your new home.
  • You get soil density tests performed.
  • We use the right equipment to place your home to avoid any possible damage.
  • A professional contractor will meet the home on site to assure correct placement.
  • On arrival your home will be completely checked for transit issues.
  • A complete, well-equipped set up crew will ensure your home meets factory specifications.

Finishing Touches

  • We supply quality finish carpenters to trim, carpet, and install lap siding on your new home.
  • We ensure a clean construction site to make your home ready for you to move in.
  • We provide a final inspection by the finish crew to ensure your satisfaction.